Can corn stalk be dried? Corn stalk drying process

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Corn stalk is a high-quality feed and fuel raw material, but the moisture content of fresh corn stalk is too high, which is not conducive to storage and reuse. It needs precipitation treatment. Can the corn stalk be dried?

Yes, the corn stalk is dried by a professional straw dryer, which can quickly reduce the moisture to about 12%, which meets the water content standard for corn stalk storage or feed and fuel processing. The dried corn stalk has good color and low nutrient loss. The main equipment for cornstalk conversion of high value feed.

Corn stalk drying process

The corn stalk drying adopts the drum drying process. The wet straw quickly evaporates the moisture of the straw by contacting with hot air. Under the flip of the internal copy board, it is fully contacted with hot air, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly evaporating water. The dried straw can be configured with granulation, packaging and other processes according to the user's production requirements.

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