What is the scope of application of belt dehydrator?

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The starch residue dewatering machine is used to press and dehydrate plant residues with a moisture content of up to 80%-90%: cassava residue, potato residue, bean curd residue, food residue, sweet potato residue, tea residue, beer residue, traditional Chinese medicine residue, and waste residue. After dehydration, the moisture content is 65-70%. The equipment is operated intelligently, the equipment runs continuously and automatically for 24 hours, and the labor intensity of workers is low!

How to dewater the starch slag dehydrator: The starch slag and other materials are transported to the hopper of the dehydrator through the conveyor, and evenly spread on the filter belt through the screw distributor. Scrape flat to make the thickness of the material completely uniform; then the upper and lower two fully tightened annular filter belts sandwich the material layer. Moisture pressed out. According to the characteristics of the material, the extrusion force is automatically adjusted to meet the customer's requirements for the moisture content of the material.

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