How to quickly dehydrate distiller's grains? Dingli belt dehydrator

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Dingli belt dehydrator can also be called belt filter press. It is mainly used for pressure filter dehydration and strong dehydration of high-humidity dregs such as brewer's grains, white distiller's grains, rice distiller's grains, corn distiller's grains, vinegar grains, etc. The pre-dehydration treatment equipment required by the factory has low power consumption and long service life. It is a widely used pre-dehydration treatment machine in the production line of the vinasse dryer, which reduces the cost of dehydration and drying of the vinasse.

This equipment is mainly composed of: (1) main engine (body of slag dehydrator) (2) air compressor (3) air source processor (4) electrical control box (5) washing net water filter structure. The main part is mainly composed of 1, frame 2, feeding hopper 3, filter screen 4, tensioning device 5, deviation adjusting device 6, driving mechanism 7, scraper unloading device 8, various bearing seats and rollers 9, sewage tank 10. Composed of net washing device, etc.

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