Product features of brewer's lees belt dehydrator

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Dingli has been specialized in producing brewer's grains drying and dewatering equipment for more than ten years. The designed and produced brewer's grains dewatering machine not only has good material, anti-corrosion and durability, but also has low power consumption and long service life, and can operate continuously for 24 hours. Zhengzhou Dingli dehydrator is widely used in drying projects such as distiller's grains drying, bean dregs drying, cassava dregs drying and medicinal dregs drying to perform pre-dehydration treatment to reduce the drying cost of dregs feed.

Performance characteristics of brewer's grain dehydrator

1. The brewer's grains dewatering machine has low cost, simple equipment operation, mechanized processing of grains and slag materials, and low labor cost;

2. The dehydration capacity reaches about 60% of the final moisture content of the material. It is a high-quality dehydration machine before the material is dried, which reduces the operating energy consumption and drying load of the dryer and ensures the drying quality of the material;

3. The equipment has mature technology, stable operation, low noise and low maintenance rate.

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