Performance characteristics of straw dryer

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The three-channel drum drying technology is adopted, which not only has high heat utilization rate, high output and low consumption, but also occupies a small area of ​​equipment, which is more convenient for project construction; the secondary dust removal device can be flexibly configured to ensure environmental protection and cleanliness, and meet the environmental assessment standard; the heat source device is suitable for fuel Wide range, high heating efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction.

Performance characteristics of straw dryer

1. Automatic control can ensure that the moisture of the dried sawdust is even and stable.

2. Automatic stone removal and iron removal can ensure that the impurities of the baked sawdust do not enter the subsequent process.

3. The investment required for equipment is 1/6 of that of imported products.

4. The self-insulation thermal efficiency of the cylinder is as high as 70% (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single cylinder dryer is only 35%), and the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 50%.

5. The tail transmission is adopted, and the transmission is more stable and reliable; it completely changes the phenomenon that the supporting wheel frequently slips and affects production.

6. Compared with the single cylinder dryer, it occupies about 50% less land, about 50% less civil construction investment, and 60% less power consumption.

7. A variety of circumferential lifting materials are combined and distributed to effectively control the drying time. Dries well.

8. The desired final moisture index can be easily adjusted according to user requirements.

9. The material flow is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation, and the desired final moisture index can be easily adjusted according to user needs.

10. The air outlet temperature is low, and the dust removal equipment can be used for a long time, which can be used for continuous production and the next process.

11. Equipped with a new type of energy-saving hot air stove, it is highly efficient, energy-saving, thermally controllable, easy to operate, and the coal consumption is reduced by as much as 60%.

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