Product advantages of cassava dregs dryer

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The cassava residue dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli Company can dry the cassava residue with high moisture content to less than 12% at one time. It adopts three-layer rotary drum drying technology with high efficiency and low consumption. The equipment is equipped with special devices for temperature adjustment, material lifting, material guiding, and dispersing, which effectively solve the problems of wall sticking and clogging, with high drying efficiency and uniform drying; the complete set of equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, compact in structure, and mechanized The high level is the main technical advantage. Dried cassava residue has good color and good palatability, and has won a good reputation in the market.

Performance characteristics of cassava residue dryer

1. The processing capacity is large, a single set of equipment can process 80-200 tons of fresh cassava residues per day, and the occupied area is small, which is convenient for project construction;

2. Strong adaptability, in addition to being used for drying cassava residues, it can also be used for distiller's grains, compound fertilizers and other materials with poor scattering and large precipitation;

3. Use the drum dryer as the main machine of the drying system, which has simple structure, less failure, low maintenance cost, large production capacity, and can ensure long-term continuous operation;

4. A specially designed lifting board structure is used in the drying drum to ensure the drying effect of cassava residues;

5. It adopts a novel and unique sealing device, and is equipped with a good heat preservation system;

6. The drum dryer adopts stepless transmission, which can conveniently adjust the rotating speed of the drum according to the moisture content of the material, so as to achieve an excellent drying effect;

7. After the drying section, it can be equipped with subsequent sections such as crushing, mixing, granulating, and packaging to produce finished cassava residue pellet feed.

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