Advantages of bean dregs flash dryer

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 The bean curd residue is dried by a flash dryer to make cat litter. It has good viscosity when exposed to water, and is not easy to be taken out of the sand tray. It absorbs odor and is safe. Even if cats and dogs accidentally eat it, there will be no safety problems. Dingli bean dregs flash dryer has the advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency and continuous mass production. The drying machine is equipped with a rotary cutting device. The dry material is cut, rotated, collided, rubbed, etc., so that the material is crushed and refined, and it is highly dispersed to achieve the effect of efficient and rapid evaporation of water. The dryer is equipped with an air filter to achieve the cleanliness of the hot air and provide production conditions for the hygienic processing of bean dregs and cat litter. The machine is set to collect materials by cyclone separation. In addition, bag dust collection is added to improve the material recovery rate. Improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise. Dryers can be customized according to user needs.

Performance characteristics of flash dryer

1. The organic combination of swirl, fluidization, spraying and crushing and classification technologies.

2. The equipment is compact, small in size, high in production efficiency, and continuous in production, realizing "small equipment, large production".

3. High drying strength, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

4. The residence time of the material is short, and the quality of the finished product is good, which can be used for drying heat-sensitive materials.

5. Negative pressure or micro-negative pressure operation, good airtightness, high efficiency, and eliminate environmental pollution.


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