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Dingli pasture dryer manufacturers why optimistic about the straw drying market



Pasture dryers has become increasingly widespread in animal husbandry. Pastures dryer to balance livestock feed supply throughout the year. Dingli pasture dryer manufacturers are optimistic about the trial production. Dingli promote and increase the export of pasture drying equipment, the market is obvious.
pasture dryer.jpg
pasture dryer.jpg
The large amount of pasture and corn stalk cultivation has changed not only the breeding and planting industries, but also has a reversed and promoted effect on the machinery industry. The implementation of the grain-to-grain feed policy has no intention of expanding the market demand for pasture dryers. The large-scale planting of pasture is mainly concentrated in northern Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hebei etc. The development of pasture industry chain will also make the processing of forage grass more diversified, and the storage requirements will be higher. The pasture drying treatment will solve this problem well. 

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