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Dingli cassava wine slag dewatering dryer



Cassava can be used for livestock feed, starch and alcohol processing. China's annual output value of Guangxi is only 2 billion yuan. With the development of cassava processing technology, cassava slag produced after cassava processing or cassava distiller's grains residue can be recycled and processed. How to deal with the dehydration and drying of wine slag?
When the water content of the cassava distillers slag is more than 60%, the pre-dehydration treatment can be completed by a belt dehydrator or a screw extrusion dehydrator, which consumes a small amount of electricity and has a large amount of processing. After the dewatered cassava distillers slag is required to continue dehydration, it is recommended to use a cassava slag dryer, more flexible control of the final moisture, such as water can be 13% or higher or lower, it can be achieved.
Cassava dewatering principle of bad residue: cassava distillers slag drying machine is achieved through high-temperature drying dehydration. The wet material is fed into the tumble dryer by the screw conveyor. Under the action of the copying plate and the feeding structure, it is necessary to fully heat exchange with the high-temperature heat medium in the direction of unloading, and the material is transferred to the other end of the inner layer and turned back into the middle layer of the drying. In a two-step step-by-step travel mode, counter-current drying and reheat exchange are performed, and the other end of the middle layer is dried to fall into the outer layer. The lees turn into a rectangular multi-loop mode in the outer drum to achieve a drying effect. The drying mode not only fully absorbs the heat dissipated by the inner drum, but also absorbs the heat of the middle drum to prolong the heat exchange time and achieve an ideal drying quality. Welcome to full consultation and order equipment.

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