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Reasons why many users choose Dingli brewer's spent grain dryer



Summer is the season when brewer's spent grain is mass-produced and sold. With the onset of summer, the production capacity of the brewery is increasing day by day, and the distillers grains as a by-product of beer are also constantly growing. According to statistics, each ton of beer produced in China produces approximately 1/4 of brewer's spent grain, brewer's spent grain are rich in protein, amino acids and trace elements, can be processed into feed, but brewer's spent grain are high-moist materials are easily degenerate, not easy to store, many manufacturers can only waste as garbage disposal. With the pollution of the environment, some brewers are stunned and the emergence of brewer's spent grain dryer has made a new turn for the processing of brewers' grains. However, there are so many brewer's spent grain dryer manufacturers on the market, why do most users only choose Dingli?
1. Technically: Dingli has a team that professionally researches and develops produces dryers. After they have undergone continuous design, experimentation and improvement, they have finally developed a bake oven for high-moisture raw materials such as brewer's spent grains, lees, and bean dregs drying machine. The brewer's spent grain dryer developed by Dingli can drying 83% of water to below 10% at a time without destroying its nutrient content.
2.In terms of price: Dingli is a highly scaled enterprise with its own sales channels, which saves the difference earned by dealers, so the price is much cheaper than other companies.
3.Service: pre-sales to provide you with project design, process design, development of suitable equipment for the user to choose the program, according to the user's special needs, design and manufacture of products; sales Zhengzhou Dingli will accompany customers to accept products, the ultimate pursuit of the user Satisfaction; free after-sales technical personnel on-site guidance equipment installation, commissioning site and training operators.

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