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Brewer’s grain spent dehydration machine how much money can buy factory direct sales



The relatively low investment in distillers dehydrator is a spiral extrusion dehydrator, and the dewatering effect is equally good. Longer biaxial dewatering machines are recommended for large distillers' grains. Dingli factory direct brewer’s grain spent dehydration machine and dryer.

Brewer’s grain spent dehydration machine how much money? The price of brewer’s grain spent dehydrator is relatively more open in the market, and the profitability of the manufacturers is very small. It is mainly used for the supporting of brewer’s grain spent dryers. A small brewer’s grain spent dryer can basically be used for projects on a few million yuan.

The working principle of brewer’s grain spent dehydrator is also very simple. After the speed-regulating motor is running normally, the material is evenly added into the feeding box. The material after the feeding advances along the axial direction under the helical rotating blade, and the material is subject to change in the pitch and The function of the baffle is adjusted to form a huge squeezing force, so that the material is dewatered mechanically under the external force. The water is discharged through the screen at the outlet, and the dehydrated material is discharged at the outlet box. The operability is also very simple, and human input is also very small. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order brewer’s grain spent dehydration machine.

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