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The price and quality of white brewer's grain dryer are on the same page



  The price of white brewer's grain dryer is an important element of equipment marketing. The psychological impact on customers is weighty. The quality of white brewer's grain dryer can bring direct and long-term economic benefits to customers. Therefore, both must go hand in hand. In order to make the company invincible.


  Dingli white brewer's grain drying opportunity and the relevant design institutes, comprehensively at home and abroad, researched and designed the production line of “Extrusion Dewatering Machine + White Wine Taste Dryer”. The process is stable and reliable, low input cost, installation and maintenance. Convenient, basically can achieve unmanned operation, and the dehydration and drying effect is very ideal. The water content after dehydration is 50-65%, the moisture content after drying is less than 12%, and the dried white wine is passed the National Feed Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Testing, its nutrients remain unchanged, suitable for drying white wine, such viscous materials drying equipment, at present, our company's white wine dryer equipment has been serialized to meet the needs of different scales of liquor factories. If you are interested in our products, welicome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.


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