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How much can you save on the drying cost of 10 tons of sawdust for the dryer?



 The specifications of 10 tons of sawdust dryer are very common in the market. The price of 10 tons of sawdust drying equipment does not require heavy investment to build a production line. Dingli dryer manufacturers continue to make profits further reduce the pressure on customers' early capital operation, while 10 tons of sawdust How much is the cost of drying? How much can you save by choosing the sawdust dryer?

 Sawdust dryer processing capacity of 10 tons per day is a small and medium-sized machine, the total cost will not be very high, so it is also a more common specification for the market leader. Dingli not only optimizes the cost of sawdust dryers, but also applies energy-saving technology to gravity on sawdust drying costs. It is reasonably planned to reduce the drying cost of sawdust by 10 tons.

  Dingli Sawdust Dryer is first optimized on the drying structure. The three-layer rotary drying effectively extends the heat exchange duration, promotes the wetness of the wet sawdust, and efficiently evaporates the water, which improves the drying efficiency of the sawdust and reduces the dryer. Fuel energy consumption, while auxiliary insulation technology and insulation materials upgrades, also greatly promoted the drum dryer heat utilization rate increased by 25%.

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