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Potato residue dryer should not be overloaded for a long time



  After purchasing the potato dregs dryer equipment, many companies have gradually increased the production scale of the potato dregs dryer, and Xiaobian reminds everyone: Do not overload the potato dregs dryer for a long time. jobs.


  Generally, the output and moisture of the potato dregs dryer equipment are designed by the technicians. If it is overloaded for a long time, it will cause many parts of the potato dregs dryer to have excessive temperature, accelerated aging or short circuit. It will cause some parts or accessories to withstand the limit and cause damage to the accessories. If the equipment failure caused by the excess material handled by the dryer will increase the maintenance cost of the enterprise, for enterprises that want to save money. This is undoubtedly counterproductive, so it is recommended that the potato dregs drying equipment should not be overloaded during use.


  If the production scale of the company increases, you can contact the manufacturer to see if the equipment is modified or purchase new products to meet the production needs.Dingli has launched a service tailor-made for customers. Welcome customers to visit our company or call us.

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