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How can dry brewer's grain spent be less polluted?



   Whether the brewer's grain spent are dried or dried by a rotary dryer, it is the ideal of each customer to reduce the secondary pollution of the brewer's grain spent. How can the dry brewer's grain spent be less polluted? How to avoid the pollution of the brewer's grain spent? 


  Generally, the pollution of the flue gas to the material can be reduced from two aspects. On the one hand, the dust reduction treatment is considered in the design of the hot blast stove, and the clean fuel such as natural gas, biogas etc. can also be used, and the steam resource can also be used, which has low cost for some electricity. The customer can also use electricity for drying, which greatly reduces the direct pollution of the flue gas to the distiller's grains. On the other hand, it minimizes the drying time of the material, selects the high-temperature rapid drying process, and uses the rotary drum with higher thermal efficiency. The rotary drum dryer is used as a carrier.     Dingli brewer's grain spent dryer uses a three-layer rotary drum dryer, drying and drying, uniform wet and dry, low fuel, low power consumption, low noise, high output, high environmental protection, and the case of brewer's grain spent drying all over the country. The unanimous approval of the customer is the inevitable result of Dingli's operation of brewer's grain spent dryer for more than ten years.  

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