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How to send the sawdust into the dryer



  The current sawdust dryers are becoming more and more intelligent, and the manpower input required during the operation is less and less, and the labor costs are lower. This adapts to the daily processing of larger projects such as the project that processes more than 100 tons per day. Low cost operation. How to send the sawdust into the dryer? There is no doubt that the mechanized operation of the automatic feeder easily solves this problem.

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  From sawdust loading to the drum drying to the unloading and other processes, the more intuitive way of discovering is undoubtedly the video of sawdust dryer production site. The customer can directly understand the whole process and initially grasp a process of wood chip drying. Among them, the question of how the sawdust are sent to the dryer will be solved.


  Dingli custom-made a variety of drying equipment for wood chips, sawdust, shavings, bamboo chips and other biomass materials, various specifications and configurations can be customized. At the same time, according to customer requirements, the complete supply of wood chip sawdust biomass fuel pellet production line equipment, high production and low consumption, high molding quality, clean and environmentally friendly.

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