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How to achieve more efficient drying of sawdust



  It usually uses a three-layer rotary drum dryer, which is powerfully dried, has a large processing capacity, and has a small plant area. How much is the price of such a sawdust dryer? Affordable can really attract customers, and can really promote cooperation.


  The price positioning of sawdust dryers is first and foremost affordable. High cold and low is not a good choice. The so-called affordable, it is basically the price and value, and the manufacturers make more profits. Zhengzhou Dingli Sawdust Dryer has been operating for more than ten years. It not only expands rapidly in the domestic market, but also has achieved remarkable results in foreign countries. At the same time, with the sales of sawdust dryer market, decisive product extension and synchronization Supply biomass pellet fuel production line to meet the procurement needs of customers' entire pellet fuel production line.

  However, how to realize the greater economic benefits of sawdust or sawdust drying? Zhengzhou Dingli's patented products are also three-layer rotary tumble dryers, which improve heat utilization, reduce energy consumption, improve drying efficiency, and support energy-saving burners (burner selection is mainly based on customer's existing resources, such as For steam resources, steam-dried wood chips are used to control energy consumption simultaneously. The drive organization of the sawdust dryer has also been improved to significantly reduce power consumption. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order sawdust dryer.

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