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Processing and utilization of sweet potato powder residue: sweet potato residue drying feed stream process



  The sweet potato residue is mainly the residue of the starch plant and the sweet potato powder factory. The sweet potato residue is rich in cellulose and a small amount of incompletely extracted starch. The rationally process sweet potato slag is a high-quality feed resource with good development and utilization value. How to use sweet potato powder residue? At present, the drying and feed of sweet potato slag is one of the main ways. What is the specific drying process of sweet potato slag?


  Dingli's special potato dregs dryer uses hot air as the drying medium to heat the materials with strong hot air. The material is continuously picked up under the copying board and scattered in a spiral traveling direction. The built-in stirring paddle device fully agitates and breaks up the material, fully expands the heat exchange area between the material and the hot gas, and the material and the hot gas are fully heat exchanged, and the water rapidly evaporates and vaporizes. To achieve the desired moisture, complete the drum drying process, in view of the large moisture content, high sugar content and easy bonding of the potato dregs, Zhengzhou Dingli potato dregs dryer adopts a series of techniques and techniques to solve the potato starch residue. Due to the difficulty of drying due to high humidity and high viscosity, the efficiency is high, the structure is compact, and the nutrients of the materials are kept as much as possible. If you are interested in our products, please come to Dingli inquiry and order sweet potato residue dryer.

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