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Potato residue processing and dewatering machine for potato residue processing equipment



   There are many kinds of potato slag processing equipment. Among them, the potato slag extrusion dewatering machine is a more common front-end equipment for potato slag pre-processing. It provides preconditions and requirements for potato slag ex-factory trade and warehousing.


  The main function of the potato slag extrusion dewatering machine is pre-dewatering, which meets the factory standard of high-humidity slag in China. This is the convenience of potato slag production enterprises such as starch factories to solve the problem of solid waste slag. At the same time, the price of potato slag extrusion dewatering machine is relatively high. Low, small footprint, automation, large processing capacity, low power consumption, low cost of potato residue dewatering, therefore, more favored.

  The potato slag extrusion dewatering machine belongs to mechanical extrusion, usually adopts a belt type dewatering machine, and the solid material has high recovery efficiency and strong dehydration ability. There are hydraulic bag type dewatering machine, pair of roll type squeeze dewatering machine, etc. The specifications and materials of the dewatering machine can be customized to meet the budget and production requirements of customers.

  Potato slag processing equipment is divided into various types according to the process. The potato slag extrusion dewatering

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