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 Spent Grain Belt Dehydration Machine

Spent Grain Belt Dehydration Machine

Spent Grain Belt Dehydration Machine

Production Capacity
30-120 t/d


It is used for beer waste, white wine grains and other high-humidity slag pressure filtration dehydration, strong dehydration, low power consumption, long service life, dehydrator manufacturer price is affordable, is the main equipment to achieve dehydration of winery waste.

The material passes through the conveyor, transported to the hopper of the dewatering machine, and evenly laid on the filter belt through the auger. The filter belt is leveled by the height of the material layer with the operation of the equipment so that the thickness of the material is completely uniform. Then, the upper and lower two ring-shaped filter belts are completely clamped, and the material layer is clamped by the driving roller, and the pair of rollers in the dewatering zone is mechanically pressed for several times to press out a large amount of water. According to the characteristics of the material, the extrusion force is automatically adjusted to meet the customer's requirements for material moisture.

Working Principle

This dehydrator product works through appropriate preprocessing, gravity dehydration and mechanical dehydration, removing the moisture and discharge the processed materials as filter cake. In the process of filter processing, wet materials on the belt pass gravity dehydration zone and belt roller dehydration zone, where they are quickly dehydrated. The shortening and decreasing contact angle ensures the best combination of pressure and shear.

Technical Parameters

Models Belt width (mm) Effective belt area(㎡) Capacity(m³/h) Raw material moisture content(%) Belt Moving Rate (m/min) Motor Power(KW) Water Flow Rate (m³/h) Weight(kg) Size (mm) (L×W×H)
DLDT1000 1000 26.9 3--6 66-88 non-stage adjusting,common working rate is 1.3-8.5 3 6--8 3600 5150X1826X2650
DLDT1500 1500 40.4 4--10 4 8--12 4700 5150X2326X2650
DLDT2000 2000 53.8 6--15 4 12--18 5800 5150X2826X2650
DLDT2500 2500 67.3 9--18 5.5 18—22 4250 5150X3326X2650

Performance characteristics

Fast drying and high efficiency

Spent Grain Belt Dehydration Machine has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can dry raw material with high temperature hot air.

Low consumption and low cost

Spent Grain Belt Dehydration Machine has strong anti-overload capability, large processing capacity, low material consumption and low drying cost.

Low wear and long life

adopts "centering roller device", which makes the roller and roller ring have linear contact, which greatly reduces wear and power loss.

Low load, no block

new feeding and discharging device, which eliminates the blockage, discontinuity, unevenness and returning of rotary drum dryer, and reduces the load of the dust removal system.

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