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 Starch Residue Belt Type Dehydrator

Starch Residue Belt Type Dehydrator

Starch Residue Belt Type Dehydrator

Production Capacity
30-120 t/d


 Starch Residue Belt Type Dehydrator suitable for dehydration of cassava residue, potato residue, tofu residue, food residue, sweet potato residue, tea residue, beer residue, Chinese medicine residue, and other material.

Working Principle

Transport material with moisture of 80%-90% to material hopper of dehydrator by conveyor, uniformly lay the material onto the filter belt by spiral material distributing device, the filter belt move with equipment running, limiting plate scrape flatly the material layer, make the material thickness completely uniform and accordance; then high and low two complete tensioning annular filter belt clamp the material layer, drive-by driving roller, the double roller of dehydration area continuously and repeatedly press by mechanical, remove large amount water content, moisture content after dehydration is 65-70%.

Automatically adjust extrusion force according to material features, satisfy customers` material moisture requirements. Equipment intelligent operation, 24 hours continuous automatic running, low labor working strength.


Technical Parameters

Model Belt width(mm) Main power(kw) Screen wash water pressure(HPa) Compressed air consumption amount(m²/min) Compressed air pressure(bar) Dimension L*W*H(mm) Initial moisture(%) Residue moistre(%) Input capacity(t/d)
DLDT1000 1000 2.2 ≥0.5 0.2 4.0 5180*1640*2280 76~85% 50~65 30~40
DLDT1500 1500 3.0 0.3 5180*2240*2280 40~50
DLDT2000 2000 4.0 0.3 5180*2640*2280 50~70
DLDT2500 2500 5.5 0.3 5180*3140*2280 70~90
DLDT3000 3000 7.5 0.3 5180*3640*2280 90~120

Performance characteristics

Fast drying and high efficiency

Starch Residue Belt Type Dehydrator has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can dry raw material with high temperature hot air.

Low consumption and low cost

Starch Residue Belt Type Dehydrator has strong anti-overload capability, large processing capacity, low material consumption and low drying cost.

Low wear and long life

adopts "centering roller device", which makes the roller and roller ring have linear contact, which greatly reduces wear and power loss.

Low load, no block

new feeding and discharging device, which eliminates the blockage, discontinuity, unevenness and returning of rotary drum dryer, and reduces the load of the dust removal system.

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