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Rust protection about coal slime dryer



For the slime dryer that often deals with corrosive materials, we must do a good job in anticorrosive work. For different uses of the dryer its anticorrosive method is also different. There are three commonly used anti-corrosion methods:

slime dryer

1. Electrostatic powder spraying. Electrostatic powder spraying is a new kind of powder coating applied to the dryer cylinder. Many manufacturers use liquid spray paint in the dryer cylinde, but the paint contains a large number of ester liquid ketone and hydrocarbons and other organic solvent, the solvent, inflammable, explosive is unsafe, caused a lot of trouble to the production, construction, transportation, etc, and this kind of liquid is toxicity, evaporate into the air, will cause serious pollution to the environment. When we make dryers, we usually use cold-rolled stainless steel, which costs a lot of money and cannot have superior corrosion resistance when we replace it with ordinary carbon steel. Electrostatic powder coating method used by the powder coating of its corrosion resistance is completely comparable to stainless steel, we can use ordinary carbon steel to replace stainless steel. And this kind of powdery coating has tough, durable, decorative good characteristics, and has excellent outdoor weather resistance and heat resistance, at the same time has excellent resistance to industrial dryer corrosion and powder resistance performance, excellent luster and color light performance, can completely replace the use of stainless steel dryer, greatly reduce the cost.

2. The welding shall be made of austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel. There are many parts of the dryer must be welded, the old welding materials often fracture, corrosion and other phenomena, the life of the dryer is seriously affected. The difference between austenitic ni-cr stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel is poor thermal conductivity, high expansion coefficient and high resistance. These characteristics limit the use of special methods in the welding of this material. But the corrosion resistance of this steel is very high, and it is not easy to cause fracture and other conditions.

3. Passivation and phosphating. In the manufacturing of dryer, many parts are made of carbon steel. If the working time is long, it is easy to cause a lot of rust on its surface, often need to carry out a lot of manual derusting work. Passivation, phosphating method is mainly through electrical and electrochemical reactions, through a one-time treatment, not only can make the steel workpiece full of rust work, the surface of the original color of the metal, at the same time in the metal surface to generate a dense anti-rust film. Using this method, even if we put the equipment in a humid environment will not cause rust. Moreover, this method is extremely simple, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, reduce investment, and is the most widely used method of corrosion prevention.

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