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Sawdust dryer, the first process of dehydration of wood pellets



  As a common material for biomass pellet fuel, wood chips require a water content of less than 15% before entering the pellet machine, while the wood pellet fuel product has a water content of less than 10%. Therefore, the wood chip dryer matches and the pellet machine becomes a wood chip particle dehydration. The first process, at the same time, is the first process of upgrading the wood pellet fuel.


 The main function of sawdust dryer is to dewater, that is, to reduce the water content of the wood chips. It belongs to high temperature drying and strong dehydration ability, and is a more common quality upgrading machine in various processes of wood chip recycling. Common sawdust dryers and tumble dryers, air dryers, and the market is cheaper, the processing volume is large, the simpler operation of the more common dryer model is the wood chip dryer, usually three layers The rotary drying structure has high heat utilization rate, low energy consumption, large processing capacity and small floor space.

 As an emerging wood chip biomass fuel granule economy in recent years, wood chips have become a popular biomass fuel raw material. However, when the water content of wood chip raw materials is high, it will encounter a short storage period and easily cause spoilage of wood chips, resulting in wood pellet fuel. The combustion performance is deteriorated and it is not resistant to burning. At the same time, the premise of wood chips entering the pellet machine is that the water content is less than 15%, and the main significance of the wood chip dryer is also here, and the wood chips are made of wood pellets, and the water content is below 10%. Therefore, the wood chip dryer becomes wood chips. The first dehydration process in the production of biomass fuel particles.

 The wood chip dryer manufacturer customizes rotary dryer of various models and configurations to provide customers with free wood chip drying technology, configuration, specifications, cost and quotation. It provides more comprehensive information on wood chip drying.

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