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What is the method of brewers grain to drying well?



  How to deal with a pile of brewers grain with water content of up to 80%, want to drying or want to dehydrate? What method is used to drying the brewers grain? Drying raw material has a water content of less than 15%, and the dry material has a high cleanliness, uniformity of dryness and wetness, and the finest color is superior to the beer dehydration dryer manufacturer.

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  The brewers grain dewatering machine is different from the white wine. The beer waste dewatering can be carried out by a screw extrusion dewatering machine or a belt type dewatering machine. In Dingli brewers grain drying production line, brewers grain spiral is more planned for the customers. The squeezing and dewatering machine has the advantages of low power consumption and relatively low price, and the dehydration effect is remarkable, but it is suitable for dehydration of materials having a large particle size.

  The moisture content of the wet slag after the beer squeezing squeeze dewatering machine is still about 60%, which is the standard of waste slag in China, but the long-term preservation is still a big risk. The long storage period is recommended to use the roller. Brewers grain dryer is dried at a high temperature and the water content is reduced to less than 15%.

  According to the heat source, brewers grain dryer is divided into a hot air furnace heating type three-layer rotary tumble dryer and a steam tube as a heat medium. The specification and model of the equipment can be customized by the customer, and the manufacturer according to the customer's production demand. Technical design and specification design, customized for customers, reducing the cost of brewers grain drying.

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  What is the method of drying brewers grain? Mechanization, high efficiency, low energy consumption, clean and environmental protection, non-beer dew dewatering and drying equipment is the only one, Dingli based on customer needs, call all available resources, advanced technology blessing, improve brewers grain drying profits.

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