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What to buy on the distiller's dryer?



  The distiller's grains dryer is the core equipment for the utilization of distiller's grains. With the development of distiller's grains feed, the demand for distiller's grains drying equipment is increasing, and new distiller's grains drying equipment has also emerged. For example, the current distiller's grains steam drying on the market. Machine equipment, etc., where should the distiller's steam dryer be bought? Is the price expensive? This article will answer you in detail.

  Process principle of distiller's steam dryer

It mainly consists of a tube heat exchanger, a heat source inlet and outlet center tube, a rotary drum, an inlet and outlet machine, an induced draft fan, a dust collector and a power distribution cabinet. The wet distiller's grains are fully contacted with the flue gas waste heat tube heat exchanger under the tumbling of the uniform lifting plate and the tube in the drum to achieve heat transfer, mass transfer and constant temperature drying, and the water in the material is vaporized and dispersed, and discharged with the air flow. The water is gradually reduced, the distiller's grains are dried, and the dry material moisture can be controlled below 15%.

  Where to buy the distiller's steam dryer?

  We recommend that you go to Henan to purchase the machine. The drying equipment production industry here starts early, has more experience, mature technology and more complete models, and Henan has gathered nearly half of the country's manufacturers, and the user has more room for selection; The price level here is medium. Compared with Shanghai and other places, the cost of equipment casting machine is lower, the single machine factory price is more cost-effective; the transportation is convenient, the freight is saved, and the local sea, land and air transportation in Henan is very convenient. According to the geographical location of the user, it can be You choose the right delivery solution, fast delivery and protection of the equipment, and save on shipping costs.

  The price of distiller's steam dryer is not expensive?

  The specific quotation list of the equipment depends on the model you choose. You should know the dryers of different models and specifications. The price difference is not a little bit. For the user's production quality, Dingli distiller's steam dryer is made of high quality materials. Long service life, high wear resistance and low energy consumption. The whole price is very cost-effective.

  Equipment quotes are not expensive, depending on who the reference is. If it is cheaper than the small manufacturers, we are naturally better than that, but the most direct manufacturers, we can give you the ex-factory price, no middlemen make the difference, then look at the price, bake The operating cost of the dryer includes late investment. Zhengzhou Dingli insists on reasonable pricing. Once you purchase the machine, you can enjoy the excellent equipment quality and enjoy the perfect after-sales service. We can guide you to install, debug and operate the equipment for free. Any questions can be resolved at any time by contacting the staff.

  As the oldest manufacturer in Henan, Zhengzhou Dingli insists on providing users with high-quality equipment and services. All the materials, casting machines and delivery processes can be visited on site. We welcome you to visit the workshops at any time. With the free test machine, the drying effect is good, you can use it yourself. Rest assured that the purchase of the machine, peace of mind to produce, choose the power, want to learn more about the equipment.

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