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How much is brewers grain dryer? How to make brewers grain easier to save?



  What is the difference between the new brewers grain dryer and the traditional drying technology? First, we need to understand the market environment for the drying of brewers grain. At present, China's environmental protection and various management policies are being actively implemented and improved. Pollution has become the primary checkpoint for the continuous operation of production-oriented enterprises. At the same time, with the deepening of environmental protection, many places have begun to ban coal. Therefore, In the background, the technological transformation of the new brewers grain dryer is concentrated in environmental protection.


  Environmentally friendly products have become the hot favourite of the market, and the market competitiveness must be met to enhance market competitiveness. Therefore, the technical advantages of Dingli's new brewers grain dryer are concentrated on clean and environmental protection. On the one hand, environmental protection technology is embodied in the heating system of the dryer. It mainly uses clean energy as fuel. The new heat source equipment mainly includes gas-fired burners and biomass-burning machines. For customers with steam resources, steam drying is recommended. Drying brewers grain equipment. From the heat source to meet the heat source shortage caused by coal ban, at the same time, the cleaning burner solves the heat supply pollution of the hot blast stove to a certain extent.

   The main source of pollution of brewers grain dryer is concentrated on the exhaust gas. Therefore, the purification treatment of the exhaust gas is more core. The drying of brewers grain is realized by the heat exchange of the high-humidity material with the heated air. Therefore, the heat medium takes away certain drying brewers grain particles through the curtain process, and dust pollution is also formed. Zhengzhou Dingli realized a multi-stage dust removal tandem progressive purification system at the tail gas treatment end. The cyclone dust collector realized the removal of dust particles with larger particle size, while the bag filter realized the purification treatment of fine particles. The dust removal efficiency was as high as 99.95. %, meet the requirements of the EIA, and the exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere.


  The new brewers grain dryer has not only upgraded the environmental protection technology, but also improved the energy-saving technology. The whole line adopts energy-saving technology. Brewers grain yeast dryer has the transmission force, heat utilization rate, thermal insulation technology, combustion structure of the hot burner, and wind control. The system has been upgraded to reduce the cost of customers due to environmentally friendly treatment, thereby increasing the profit of distiller's grains drying.

   White brewers grain, red brewers grain, corn alcohol grains, sorghum brewers grain etc. can be dried and reused with high quality and low cost using a three-layer rotary tumble dryer structure. At present, Dingli's new environmentally friendly energy-saving brewers grain dryer is better. Help customers reduce costs, improve the market competitiveness of drying brewers grain, and obtain higher economic benefits.

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