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Zhengzhou Dingli carbonization furnace production is about to be loaded to Ghana



  Recently, Zhengzhou Dingli vertical carbonization furnace equipment was purchased by Ghanaian customers, and went into the workshop of Dingli. The first-line workers worked overtime, and the production and delivery were uninterrupted. At present, the carbonization furnace in Ghana has been completed and will be delivered soon.




  Vertical carbonization furnace introduction:

  Scope of application: wood, logs, mechanical charcoal, husks, bamboo and other different shapes of biomass raw materials for carbonization.

  The equipment consists of a carbonized furnace body, a furnace cover, a liner, a material cage, a combustible gas returning pipe, a smoke exhaust pipe, a flue gas dust removing device and a liner lifting device and a thermometer.

  Carbonization process:

  1: Filling and sealing furnace: Put the biomass sticks and shells prepared for carbonization into the material cage. The cages are divided into two or three layers, which are sequentially loaded into the inner tank, sealed, locked and sealed, and hoisted. The liner enters the furnace.

  2: Preheating and drying: heating in the furnace with wood and other fuels, slowly increasing from normal temperature to 220-250 ° C, the process time is 1.2-2.0 hours (depending on the moisture content, density, particle size of the material to determine the specific heating time), discharge The moisture in the material and the air in the bladder.

  3: Anoxic carbonization: the furnace is heated to the smoke pipe to start the weak yellow smoke (hydrogen and oxygen and other volatile matter) discharge, that is, the beginning of carbonization, recovery of combustible gas into the furnace to ignite, adjust the intake air, keep the temperature in the liner 300 -450 ° C, 2.0-3.5 hours (depending on the carbonization material density, particle size and carbonization depth requirements to determine the specific temperature and carbonization time), the furnace is naturally extinguished, that is, the end of carbonization.

  4: Cool out the charcoal: Lift the liner from the furnace and let it cool down to the cooling zone or let it cool. When the temperature in the liner drops below 50 °C, the charcoal is opened.

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