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White brewers grain drying and crushing technology --- White brewers grain dehydration and drying the whole line



  White brewers grain drying and crushing technology has matured, and it can promote the high-quality development of economic value of brewers grain recycling, both in the later product quality and processing cost. With the expansion of the business, Dingli brewers grain dryer manufacturers customize the supply of white brewers grain to crush and dewater and dry the entire line equipment, shorten the procurement cycle, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  White brewers grain dehydration drying equipment is divided into two parts: belt dewatering machine and rotary dryer, while brewers grain drying equipment consists of heat source equipment, rotary dryer, dust collector equipment, electric control equipment, conveying equipment and fan equipment etc. In the composition, the new white brewers grain dryer is mainly used in the heat source equipment, such as a gas hot blast stove, a biomass burner, and a heat conversion device for drying brewers grain.

  After several years of operation, Dingli company has extended the supply line of dehydration and drying equipment for white brewers grain in depth, from pulverization, dehydration, drying to mixing granulation and filling equipment supply, systematically controlling the quality and ensuring the whole liquor smashed and baked. Efficient, high quality and low cost operation of drying production lines.

  The entire white brewers grain drying and crushing production line adopts energy-saving technology, and the power consumption is reduced by 13%. The production line runs environmentally friendly, and it is easy to pass the EIA, reducing the risk of being reorganized and stopped due to environmental problems.

  White wine brewers grain dryer technical parameter table:

Models Capacity(t/d) Evaporation Capacity(t/h) Moisture(%) Drying material moisture(%) Drying temperature(℃) Motor power(kw) Weight(kg) Area
DLSG1409 21.6 0.45 60±5% 12-15% (adjustable) 250±30℃ 34 15500 5m*15m
DLSG1615 40.0 0.85 45 19500 6m*22m
DLSG2010/3 62.5 1.35 78 25000 8m*18m
DLSG2210/3 70.5 1.44 85 27000 8m*18m
DLSG2510/3 83.5 1.76 110 35000 10m*18m
DLSG2512/3 108.0 2.10 125 38000 10m*20m
DLSG2912/3 120.0 2.50 135 43500 10m*22m

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