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The price of the dryer equipment for drying 20 tons of wet bean dregs every day is positive



 If you still use bean dregs as cheap waste, this kind of thinking is backward and lacks economic mind. The bean dregs are dehydrated and dried to produce mixed feed, which is low in price and good in nutrition. Dingli Hui price supply bean dres dryer equipment for drying 20 tons of wet bean dregs every day. The specific price of the specific dryer is free of charge.

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  The 20-ton dry bean dreg dryer is a small device that is very common in the current market and is suitable for small feed mills and breeding plants. The front end of the bean curd dryer is generally provided with a pre-dewatering system of the bean dregs belt type dewatering machine, which can well reduce the fuel consumption of the dryer and improve the drying efficiency. The belt dewatering machine is suitable for mechanical dewatering of similar materials of bean dregs. The dry material is about 60%, and the waste water pollution will not be generated from the factory.

  The bean dregs dryer can be heated by a gas hot blast stove or a biomass burner. When the customer has a rich flue gas preheating resource, the tubular tumble dryer is more effective in reducing costs and is indirectly in clean steam. Drying, therefore, the dry material is more clean.

  The daily drying capacity of the bean dreg dryer can be customized for more than 20 tons. With the adjustment of the market strategy and the rapid export of the export business, the Dingli dryer manufacturers strengthen the price, increase the added value of the equipment and promote the customer fast. Achieve the benefits of bean dregs drying.

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