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New video display: Jiangsu large brewers grain spent rotary dryer operation site



  Brewers grain spent drying project has been officially put into operation in Jiangsu. The following is a live video of brewers grain spent drying production line.

  our company provides customers free installation and commissioning in the brewers grain spent drying project. And Dingli will provide technical support and other after-sales service in the later stage. After the equipment is putting into production, the drying efficiency of the customer's materials and the finished product are very satisfactory. It has been highly evaluated and hopes that two sides will continue to cooperate with other projects in the future, and two sides will work together for common development.

  Zhengzhou Dingli Brewers Grain Spent Drying Equipment can meet the dryness of brewers grain spent with a yield of 40~240 tons/day. More capacity can be customized. It is suitable for high-humidity materials such as brewers grain spent, white brewers grain spent and alcohol grains. The heat source and brewers grain spent are squeezed in the production line of brewers grain spent. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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