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Peat drying What kind of heat source is cheaper at a lower cost



  Peat contains a lot of water in the natural state, to achieve high utilization of peat and create higher economic benefits, it is preferred to solve the problem of high water content, peat drying. How to dry and improve, what kind of heat source, a set of mud The premise of various evaluations such as how much coal dryers are, is that the cost of peat drying is lower.


 Peat can be used not only in agriculture but also in good value and application. At the same time, peat is flammable and has low sulfur content. It can meet environmental quality standards without expensive chimney treatment. It is an ideal “clean fuel”. Therefore, in the two major areas of agriculture and industry, peat has a good market demand, while the economic benefit evaluation of peat drying projects is high.

 The main carrier of peat drying is tumble dryer, high temperature drying process, wet peat is sent to the drum drying structure through the conveyor, and heated with hot air stove (gas hot air stove, gas generator, biomass burner) The air is directly contacted to achieve heat exchange, and the moisture in the peat is strongly evaporated to dryness. The entire drying time and drying temperature are rigorously calculated and technically designed.

 Peat Drying Equipment using steam as the heat medium adopts a tube drum tumble dryer, that is, steam is exchanged with wet peat through a column of a certain structure, which belongs to indirect drying, and the peat drying form The cost is relatively low and environmentally friendly.

  Peat drying equipment manufacturers, regardless of the drying process and heat source, are based on the premise of reducing the cost of customer peat drying. The price of early peat dryers is high, the price is large, the factory direct sales, and the construction of high efficiency for customers. Environmentally friendly, low-cost peat drying production line.

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