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Bean dregs dehydration equipment---Rapid dehydration and low cost preservation



  The Bean Dreg Dewatering Equipment is mainly mechanical extrusion dewatering, and is also the main method and method for realizing the rapid dehydration of bean dregs and prolonging the shelf life of low cost. However, the water content of the bean dregs is about 12%, and the method of mechanical dehydration is not applicable, but a special machine that requires high-temperature drying, that is bean dreg dryer.

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  Dregs with water content of 80% or higher are difficult to leave the factory, and dripping water pollution is the primary problem. This is also not allowed in China's current waste residue ex-factory standards. Therefore, for the starch plants or large processing plants that need to be outsourced, purchase one. The bean bean residue dewatering equipment not only has low cost, obvious dehydration effect, but also improves the quality and competitiveness of the wet bean dregs, solves the pollution problem, and reduces the spoilage rate of the bean dregs.

  The bean dreg dewatering equipment has a screw extrusion dewatering machine and a belt type dewatering machine. However, it is recommended to use a belt type dewatering equipment to improve the solid material recovery rate, and the dewatering effect is good and the treatment amount is large. Zhengzhou Dingli adopts customized production. Therefore, for the daily processing capacity of hundreds of tons, the lengthening and widening specifications are adopted to meet different production requirements.

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