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How to sell the drying slag dryer? The slag dryer manufacturer directly provides



  In the process of processing edible fungi, a large amount of waste slag will be produced. How to use the slag for secondary use is a concern of many enterprises. The use of slag dryer equipment can dry and utilize the slag, and there is currently selling dried slag on the market. What about Slag Dryer Equipment? Zhengzhou Dingli is a manufacturer of dehydration and drying equipment for high-humidity materials. There are various types of bacteria residue drying equipment. Zhengzhou Dingli manufacturers directly provide turnkey projects such as equipment design, production, installation and commissioning, and after-sales services.


  Dingli's slag dryer can meet the daily production capacity of several tens of tons to hundreds of tons of different production needs, according to the customer's dry water demand design dehydration, drying equipment, can dry the slag to the customer demand moisture, Zhengzhou The Dingli bacteria residue dryer equipment is a rotary drum type, which is dried by high temperature hot air; the dehydrated slag enters the Dingli slag dryer equipment, and the paper copying device uniformly distributed in the drum in the slag tumble dryer equipment The bacteria residue is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air, which accelerates the drying heat transfer and mass transfer. In the drying process, under the action of the plate with the inclination and the hot temper, the material that reaches the drying effect quickly travels out of the drum under the action of hot air, and the slag that does not reach the drying effect cannot travel fast due to its own weight. Drying is sufficiently carried out in this rectangular copy board, thereby completing the drying purpose.

  In addition to dehydration and drying equipment, there are also heat source systems, dust removal systems, packing systems, and conveying equipment. The prices of different configurations of production lines are also different. Zhengzhou Dingli's slag drying production line is sold at ex-factory price. Price concessions, welcome to come to the factory to buy.

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