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Processing and processing of wheat grains in beer production



  Wheat grains, also known as beer grains or brewers grain spent are the main by-products in the processing of beer. Most of the wheat grains in domestic and foreign breweries are wet, with large moisture content, rich in nutrients, and easily rotted by microbial contamination. The wheat grains need to be dried by using dehydration drying equipment. The dried wheat grain feed can not only store for a long time, but also reduce environmental pollution.

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  Wheat grain dehydration drying feed stream process

  The wet wheat granules are dehydrated and dried to the finished feed, all in a closed equipment, and centralized control is realized. The whole process is: wet wheat stalks enter the dewatering machine for pre-dewatering operation, and after dehydration, the moisture content is about 60%. There is a screw conveyor sent into the wheat grain dryer. The dried wheat grains have a moisture content of about 12%. The finished wheat grains are easy to store and transport, and are rich in nutrients such as protein and amino acids, which can be used as the quality of the feed industry. raw material.

  Process flow: wet wheat grain storage bin → wheat grain dehydration → wheat grain drying → crushing or extrusion molding → packaging

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