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What can be done with sweet potato slag drying?



  What can be done with Sweet Potato Residue Drying? How is it dried? Many customers think that the sweet potato slag has high drying cost, uneven wet and dry, and there are many problems with the paste. In fact, there is no more detailed understanding of the sweet potato slag dryer and technology.

  No waste in the world, how to use high starch content

  1.Sweet potato residue has high starch content, and it is cooked into a good wine.

  2.36%-58% starch content, dry production of alcohol

  3. Sweet potato slag is dried for feed

  Potato slag is difficult to dry because there is no choice of manufacturers

  It is not feasible to use the traditional rotary drying structure of the sweet potato residue dryer. The starch content is high, and the wall and the paste are easy to be adhered under high humidity. The dry material is easy to be wet and dry, and must be carried out for the physical properties. The necessary technical adjustments. The structure of the paddle-type drum dryer used by Zhengzhou Dingli is continuously broken up and shocked to ensure the uniformity of the thickness and the lifting speed of the sweet potato slag material in the drum drying structure, uniform heating, uniform travel, unit area The evaporation intensity is uniform, so that the dry material has a uniform water content.

  Sweet potato slag dryer working principle simplified

  The sweet potato slag dryer operation is divided into two steps, firstly through the paddle-type drum dryer, and secondly, the water content is about 35%, which is discharged by the screw conveyor, and enters the special pulverizer for the semi-wet material to pulverize the material size to 1mm. In the following, the pulse airflow drying process is carried out, and the powder in the 10-15s is quickly removed to less than 10%. The dry powder is recovered by the cyclone discharger and the pulse bag type dust collector, and the exhaust gas reaches the standard discharge, and the whole drying process is completed.

  What machine is used for dehydration of sweet potato residue?

  Before the sweet potato slag enters the dryer process, it is generally pre-dehydrated by a belt filter press, thereby reducing the drying cost of the sweet potato slag and improving the drying quality of the sweet potato slag. The price of the belt type dewatering machine is generally about 100,000. The larger the specification and the larger the price.

  Sweet potato residue dewatering and drying

  Different manufacturers, different dewatering and drying equipment models, different configurations, it is not surprising that the price difference is large, and the selection of the sweet potato residue dewatering dryer that can continue to be efficient, environmentally friendly and low-cost drying is for customers. It is expected that, therefore, the price of the sweet potato slag dryer is extremely low, and the wrong manufacturer is selected, the wrong equipment is selected, and the difficulty and cost of drying the sweet potato slag is increased.

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