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Shanxi coal slime drying project to share: another project installation and commissioning site



  Zhengzhou Dingli has built a large number of coal slime drying projects in Shanxi. Recently, our company has built a drying project in the local area. At present, the installation and commissioning work of the project is progressing smoothly. The following is the equipment installation and commissioning site.


  The main body installation work of the slime drying project has been completed. The installation site has a close cooperation team with local customers. It is expected that the project will be officially completed in the near future. In this project, our company provides coal slime drying in strict accordance with the customer's production needs. Dry production line equipment, including heat source, feeding device, belt feeder, rotary drum, belt discharge machine, induced draft fan, dust collector and power distribution cabinet, dust removal device adopts multi-stage dust removal method to solve tail gas treatment, etc. The problem is that during the installation process of the equipment, our technical team took the hot summer to make progress, communicated the details with the local customers in time, and paid more attention to the project quality while ensuring the customer's interests and the professional attitude during the installation process. Received praise from local customers.

  Coal slime dryer is one of Zhengzhou Dingli's fist products. It is currently located in many major coal provinces. The processing capacity of Dingli slime drying production line can meet the production demand of 300~3000 tons/day, providing customers with tailor-made turnkeys. Engineering, Zhengzhou Dingli welcomes more customers to purchase and negotiate coal slime project cooperation.

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