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How to reuse potato pomace? Potato pomace drying equipment manufacturers



  How to reuse the potato skin residue, the potato skin residue can be processed into feed by the large potato skin residue drying equipment, and the potato potato residue drying equipment manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingli introduces the process of drying and utilizing the potato skin residue.


  Potato dregs contain certain nutritional value and can be used as feed ingredients. At present, Zhengzhou Dingli's potato dregs dryer is suitable for the treatment of starch residue such as potato skin residue, which can be dried to a certain extent to make feed, moisture 75- 85% potato skin residue first passed through a special dewatering machine, and the moisture was removed to about 68%. The screw conveyor was fed into the mixing drum dryer to achieve downstream drying. The material was continuously copied and scattered under the copying plate and spiraled. Advance, the built-in stirring paddle device will fully stir and break the material, fully expand the heat exchange area between the material and the hot gas, and the material and the hot gas will be fully heat exchanged, and the water will evaporate rapidly and reach about 35%. The drum drying process is completed and the screw is conveyed. The machine is discharged, enters the special pulverizer for semi-wet materials, pulverizes the material size to less than 1mm, enters the pulse airflow drying process, and the material quickly drops below 10% within 10-15s. (It can avoid the saccharification and gelatinization of materials during the drying process, resulting in blackening of the appearance of the material.) The dry powder is recovered by the cyclone discharger and the pulse bag type dust collector, and the exhaust gas reaches the standard discharge, completing the entire drying process. . A shock cleaning device is installed inside the drum to prevent the material from adhering to the cylinder wall.


  The potato skin residue is made into feed by drying. The finished product has good color and good palatability, which can meet the needs of different farmers. If there is demand, customers can purchase potato skin residue drying equipment manufacturers, and the equipment consultation hotline: 15670626070.

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