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How much is Nissan 1000 tons of coal slime dryer?



  The daily drying 1000-ton coal slime dryer model is DLMG2825, with a total power of 250 kW. It covers an area of ​​51 meters and a width of 16 meters. How much is this equipment?


  It is not advisable to drying or air dry 1000 tons of coal slime. The centralized treatment of machinery can develop its economic value and obtain the economic benefits of its application. According to China's national conditions, coal is still a new force in the energy market. Therefore, 1000 tons of coal. Mud drying equipment still has a large demand.

  How much is the 1000-ton coal slime dryer?

   The price directly affects the benefit period of the slime drying project. Reducing the cost of this part is equivalent to accelerating the return on investment. Therefore, some dryer manufacturers supply at very low prices and win project orders, but various of them The problem is also exposed one after another, still causing trouble.

  How much is coal slime dryer worthy? Attached to its actual value. Zhengzhou Dingli coal dryer manufacturers custom supply of coal slime equipment for more than ten years, 1000 tons of coal slime drying project cases are not rare, customers not only have a good price acceptance, but also praise the equipment, resulting from this New user recommendation phenomena also occur frequently. Please ask for details!



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