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Tea residue dryer, multi-material universal price



  The tea residue dryer has strong versatility and can be dried by various materials. For example, the materials such as stevia residue and herbal tea slag can be dried by one machine, so the price is affordable and the cost performance is high. The tea slag dryer also belongs to the three-layer rotary drying structure, and the plant area is occupied less, and the processing capacity is not limited.

  After the tea slag is dried, it is mostly used in the fields of biomass fuel or green plant base, which has good economic benefits and its utilization rate is continuously improved. The tea slag dryer is also high-temperature dry. The over-wet tea slag can be dewatered by a screw extrusion dewatering machine, and then the high temperature and strong evaporation of the drum is carried out. Such a configuration and planning treatment is a lower cost.

  Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers custom production, daily drying capacity from a few tons per day to more than 100 tons of capacity equipment does not set production limits, small drying projects or large tea residue drying production line, environmentally friendly low consumption, with many The project case is proof of the strength of the company, rational planning, fine processing, free installation, so the construction of the entire production line is more efficient, time-saving and labor-saving.


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