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How to deal with the remaining residue of rice wine?



   How to deal with the remaining slag of rice wine, how to recycle the comprehensive utilization of the waste slag production of several tons or 10 tons to hundreds of tons per day in a brewery, industrial uses such as brewer's grain spent feed and brewer's grain spent organic fertilizer are feasible. There are not a few rice brewer's grain spent processing projects undertaken by brewer's grain spent dryer manufacturers every year, and the economic benefits are obvious.


  Rice brewer's grain spent treatment method

  The direct discharge of the remaining slag of brewed rice wine will directly affect the continuous production of the winery. How to deal with it will have lower cost and higher economic value. On the one hand, the winery can first perform a simple pre-dehydration treatment of the rice wine slag to meet the waste residue. According to the requirements, it is also feasible to sell to a breeding factory or feed factory for contract processing, and a rice lees dehydrator is not expensive, tens of thousands or more than 100,000.It is also feasible for wineries to directly recycle and process brewer's grain spent feed. More and more wineries are now investing in lees recycling comprehensive utilization projects, whether it is directly processing brewer's grain spent feed, brewer's grain spent organic fertilizer, or directly selling dried brewer's grain spent. It solves the problems of waste wine residue pollution and difficult handling in winery.



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