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  Tofu residue dryer as the name implies, is a device for removing water from high-moisture tofu residue. The moisture content of the dried tofu residue is about 12%, which meets the water content standard for long-term storage or reuse of bean curd. So how much is a tofu residue dryer? How many tons of wet tofu residue can be processed in a day?

1. How much does the tofu residue dryer cost?

  How much does the tofu residue dryer cost? According to relevant understanding, the price usually ranges from hundreds of thousands to one million, which is mainly related to the equipment configuration plan, output and equipment model selection. Moreover, there are many manufacturers of tofu residue dryer equipment in the market, which are used in sales channels and raw materials. , Manufacturing process and equipment quality are different, so there will be differences in prices, purchase machines should be carefully inspected, it is recommended to conduct on-site inspections and more comparisons.

  The complete set of tofu dregs dryer equipment is composed of heat source equipment, feeder, conveyor, bean dregs dehydrator, bean curd dregs dryer, dust collector, power distribution cabinet, etc., generally adapt to local conditions, simplify the process, and according to production demand and investment Budget, etc., make reasonable configuration, Dingli has senior engineers tailor-made for each customer, welcome to consult.

  2. How many tons of wet tofu residue can be processed by the tofu residue dryer a day?

  How many tons of wet tofu residue can be processed by the tofu residue dryer a day? It is mainly related to equipment configuration and model selection. It usually produces 20-300 tons a day and can work continuously for 24 hours a day.

  Zhengzhou Dingli factory has been established for more than ten years and has hundreds of successful cases. It is investigating or preparing to build a tofu residue drying production line. You can visit the customer site or come directly to the factory. The equipment models are complete and all are available from stock. Direct sales mode , There is no intermediate link cost, and the whole is more economical. It also provides equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance, irregular return visits and other services, and assists in plant construction.

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