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  Forage processing and drying machine is an important part of pasture processing pellet feed equipment. After the grass feed is dried, it is crushed and mixed with auxiliary materials to form a pellet with a high molding rate and a long storage period. During the period when the green and yellow are not connected, the price of hay feed is increased and the income is increased. How much is a forage processing dryer?

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  Fresh grass processing pellet feed is a grass processing technology that, in addition to grass silage, gives full play to the economic value of alfalfa, leaf-eating grass, Timothy grass and other forage grasses. The equipment required includes forage grinders, forage processing dryers, and pellets. The daily output of machines and related supporting equipment can range from 10 tons to more than 100 tons per day. There is no upper limit set, and the actual output of the user shall prevail.

  The forage processing dryer is mainly a low-temperature drum dryer. The cost of drying forage is low, the operation is simple, and the technology is mature. At the same time, a forage processing dryer is inexpensive, durable, and the drying process is environmentally friendly, clean and sustainable High-load operation production, cost-effective. The color, luster and taste of dried forages can maintain the characteristics of grass, and the market demand is great.

  Zhengzhou Dingli customizes and supplies complete sets of fresh grass processing pellet feed equipment, the same after-sales installation and commissioning, inexpensive, energy-saving, high-yield, and high-efficiency.

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