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  It's another good year, and the production is full and the shipment is busy. The production of the large-scale cassava residue dryer purchased by a Bangladeshi customer from our company was completed at yesterday. After successful test assembly, it was loaded and sent to the cassava residue dryer project site.


  The cassava residue dryer equipment is mainly used for cassava residue feed processing. After the fresh cassava residue is dehydrated and dried, the moisture content is quickly reduced to about 12%, which meets the water content standard for cassava residue storage or feed processing. The application of mechanical dehydration + drum drying + air-flow drying technology can efficiently process cassava residues and solve the problems of agglomeration, gelatinization, sticking to the wall or uneven drying and wetness of cassava residues during the drying process of potato residues. The dried cassava residues The slag has good color, high quality, strong palatability, and high market price.


  Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of cassava residue dryers. The equipment capacity ranges from ten tons to hundreds of tons, meeting the needs of cassava residue drying production of various scales. Zhengzhou Dingli also has a professional after-sales installation and maintenance team to provide customers with equipment installation Commissioning, technical guidance, equipment maintenance and other services.

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