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  The main function of the beer waste dehydrator is the dehydration of beer waste, and the mechanical dehydration is the backlog of beer waste and the dregs waste water is released. It is divided into two types: screw extruder and belt extruder. About 20 water of the beer waste is extracted, the effect is stable and the power consumption is low.


  The  beer waste dehydrator adopts mechanical extrusion dehydration to remove the water from the distiller’s lees, which can meet the water content requirements of the waste residue in our country. Short-term storage and transportation or fermentation are feasible, which is very beneficial for the outsourcing and sales of distiller’s lees. At the same time, it is often used in the production line of distiller's dried grains to reduce the drying cost of distiller's grains and improve production efficiency. For the dehydration of brewer's lees, screw extrusion dehydration is often used, while for liquor with high moisture content, an extruder is often used for dehydration.

  How much is a  beer waste  dehydrator equipment?

  The price of vinasse dehydrator is mainly affected by the model size, material and model selection. The screw extrusion dehydrator is divided into single shaft and double shaft, and the belt extruder is divided into double roller and hydraulic pressure. The specific distiller’s dehydrator is specific Offer.

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