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  A large amount of pomace is produced during the processing of many fruits. The pomace is rich in nutrients and can be used as feed. The pomace processing requires dehydration and drying. What if a large amount of pomace is dried? Everyone can use machinery for processing. Zhengzhou Dingli's pomace dryer can quickly process pomace, and dry the pomace to a certain level before making it into feed for processing and utilization.


   Zhengzhou Dingli's pomace dehydration and drying production line equipment includes: feeding equipment, heat source equipment, pomace dehydration equipment, pomace dryer equipment, electronic control equipment, discharge equipment, dust removal equipment, packaging equipment, etc. The production line configuration can be based on customers Adjust the configuration according to actual production requirements. Zhengzhou Dingli pomace dryer equipment is suitable for apple pomace, pear pomace, orange pomace and other fruit waste residues. Dingli pomace dryer can currently handle dozens of tons to hundreds of tons per day. For material drying requirements, the equipment adopts the drying process independently developed by Zhengzhou Dingli, with high material drying efficiency and low equipment energy consumption, which can save customers a certain amount of operating costs. Currently, Zhengzhou Dingli has started the high-humidity slag drying project with many customers. For friendly cooperation, everyone is welcome to investigate the case site.

  Zhengzhou Dingli high-humidity material dehydration and drying equipment is not only suitable for materials such as pomace, but also according to the characteristics of the materials, it has also introduced equipment such as distiller’s dried grain dryer, medicine residue dryer, potato residue dryer, and sauce residue dryer. You can call +8615670626070 to consult equipment specifications and prices.

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