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  Sweet potato vine deep processing pellet feed is more and more widely used in the current breeding industry due to its low cost and high nutritional value. Investment in sweet potato vine deep processing pellet feed projects requires sweet potato vine crushing and drying equipment, which is convenient for sweet potato vine feed processing and is more beneficial to the long-term operation of the project. 


  Sweet potato vine contains a lot of nutrients and is a high-quality raw material for roughage. However, fresh sweet potatoes have high moisture content and are perishable and bad, which is not conducive to transportation, storage or reprocessing. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a set of sweet potato vine crushing and drying equipment. The sweet potato vine can be quickly crushed and processed for precipitation to ensure the quality of the sweet potato vine pellet feed.

  After the fresh sweet potato vines are crushed by the crusher, they are transported by the conveyor to the tumble dryer. Under the turning of the uniformly distributed copy plate in the cylinder, they are fully in contact with high temperature and hot air or low temperature steam, and the moisture of the sweet potato vines is quickly reduced to about 12%. , It is convenient for later storage or reprocessing. The dried sweet potato vines have good color, little nutrient loss, and animals love to eat, and the market demand is high.

  Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of sweet potato vine crushing and drying pellet feed processing equipment, and sweet potato vine crushing and drying pellet fuel processing equipment. The daily processing capacity can be customized from 10 tons to 300 tons or more. The quality is reliable, the after-sales service is perfect, and the price of factory direct equipment is also higher. Economical and affordable, welcome investment users to visit our factory.

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