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Pasture drying has high utility value. After drying, wet rice straw can be processed into feed or fuel, which has high market economic benefits. How to quickly dry straw? Is there a forage dryer for fast drying video reference

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How to quickly drying pasture

Three-cylinder dryers are commonly used for rapid drying of straw. Low-temperature drying technology can quickly evaporate the water of the straw. It has high quality and low nutrient loss. The dried straw has good color and taste, and can be stored for a long time to solve the problem of off-season forage supply. The problem of insufficient.

Straw fast drying process

After the fresh rice straw is processed by the pulverizer, it is transported by the conveyor to the three-cylinder dryer. Under the continuous turning of the drum, it is fully in contact with the hot air to quickly evaporate and gasify the moisture of the straw. The moisture content of the dried straw is within About 12%, which is better for straw storage or feed fuel processing

Forage dryer fast drying video 

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