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  What are the treatment methods for beer waste after winemaking? At present, there are two methods for processing beer waste after brewing: sun-drying and mechanical drying. Compared with sun-drying, the selection of beer waste dryer can process the beer waste on a large scale, which is fast, simple and low-cost.

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  The processing method of beer waste after making wine---dried beer waste in the sun

Distiller's dried grains are generally suitable for the dehydration of small-volume beer waste, which require high weather and site requirements, high manpower input and unstable cycles, and the finished beer waste are difficult to control. In addition, the drying process of beer waste may cause environmental air pollution, which violates the corporate solid waste management system and environmental protection laws.

  The processing method of spent grain after wine making--drying of spent grain

  Generally, three-cylinder drying equipment is commonly used for spent grain drying, large-scale processing of spent grain, short cycle, low cost, small footprint, environmental protection and low consumption, with intelligent centralized control system, easy operation, stable temperature control, and low labor input cost. In addition, there is no upper limit on the capacity of the equipment, and it can handle more than 10 tons per day. Therefore, the use of spent grain dryer for the processing of beer waste after winemaking is more in line with the current needs of the economic development of spent grain industrialization.

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