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 Our company’s straw dryer equipment project in Guizhou has been successfully installed. This project is based on our company’s tailor-made straw kneading, drying, and briquetting production lines according to user requirements, and customized production of complete sets of straw processing equipment, free of charge Turn and debug.


 Straw dryer is our core product, and around straw drying, our company extends the supply of straw shredders, kneaders, briquetting machines, balers, pelletizers and other related equipment to form a completed straw processing equipment production line . There is no doubt that the Guizhou straw dryer project is such a model.

  The Guizhou straw dryer equipment project will become a representative user case of our company's straw kneading, drying and briquetting complete sets of equipment for customized supply, which demonstrates our mature technical system, efficient after-sales work and strong productivity.

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