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Can pear residue be used as feed? Pear residue has good development value. After processing, pear residue can be used to configure livestock and poultry feed, which can reduce the cost of feed enterprises. Because pear residue contains rich nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and cellulose, it also has Unique fragrance, after the pear residue is dried by the dryer, the dry material is more uniform, and the drying cost is also low.

Pear residue dryer structure:

The pear residue dryer is mainly composed of a drum crusher dryer, a combustion furnace, a feeding screw, a discharging screw, a conveying pipeline, a dust collector, an air shutoff device, an induced draft fan, and a control cabinet.

Working principle of pear residue dryer:

The pear residue is directly fed into the drum crushing and drying machine by the feeding screw, and is repeatedly picked up and scattered by the copy board on the inner wall of the drum. transfer to complete the heat and mass transfer process. Due to the inclination angle of the drum and the effect of the diverting air, the material moves slowly from the feed end, and is discharged from the discharge screw after drying, and the exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere after being removed by the dust collector.

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